IPL 2020 Analysis using PowerBi

This is my first story on medium about Indian Premium League. In this blog I have built a report on IPL 2020 using PowerBi.

In short, PowerBi is a BI tool provided by Microsoft. It have amazing features to create interactive visualization for creating dashboards and reports.

Dream IPL 2020 insights

Firstly, I have created a filter for cities where IPL matches were conducted using Slicer. It helps us to understand the status of matches conducted at different city.

Using card I have shown the total number of matches that IPL 2020 season had.

Clustered column chart we can predict that Mumbai Indians has won most of the matches and Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings and Chennai super kings won least number of matches throughout 2020 season.

Pie chart illustrates most of the matches were conducted in Dubai i.e., 26 matches, 22 matches in Abu Dhabi and 12 matches in Sharjah respectively.

Table helps us to summarize the total number of matches by the team which won the toss.

Donut chart depict that 33 times toss winning team has chosen to field and 27 times toss winning team choose to Bat.

Using clustered bar chart we can illustrate Chris Gaffaney was field umpire for 12 matches. Out of which 10 matches was conducted in Abu Dhabi and 2 matches in Dubai. And he was 3 times field umpire for Mumbai Indians for the matches played in Abu Dhabi.

Field Umpire

Used stacked bar chart to display the players of match. From visualization we can depict AB de, KL Rahul, RD Gaikwad had TA Boult have been players of match for 3 matches.

From Pie chart we can illustrate that chances of winning a match by winning toss is 41.67% and losing a match by winning toss is 58.33%.

Using 100% stacked column chart we have depicted the ration of toss winning to match winning by venue.

Line chart is shows the trend of winners by umpires and clustered bar chart helps in predicting the winners by run and winners by wicket. From visualization we can make out that Mumbai Indians have won lot of matches by runs and Chennai Super kings and Rajasthan Royals have won by wickets.

Thanks & Regards,

Pavithra Jayashankar



MCA graduate - Aspiring data analyst

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